September Construction Update

September has been a busy month of construction. In addition to the footage in this video, DJ Construction poured sidewalks and a ramp. The foundations for the loading docks as well as the new office space are complete! The project thus far is on budget and on schedule for completion in late spring of 2024!

Thanks to the many generous donors who’ve given to the campaign already. We’ve secured funding for this construction project, but the overall Capital Campaign is a larger endeavor. The full project includes office space, expanded parking, a volunteer location in Elkhart County, endowment seed money, and operational funds. Your generosity makes this possible. Please consider donating today. You can donate here. 

We are incredibly grateful to the Tippmann Group for their support for our project. Vice President, John Tippmann joined Cultivate’s board this year. In that time, he and his team have been integral to the project, providing invaluable insight and direction. If that wasn’t enough, the Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation pledged one million dollars toward the campaign! Interstate Warehousing, a subsidiary of Tippmann, donates excess food to Cultivate. In food, money, and ideas, Tippmann Group has been such a blessing to our mission. Thank you!