Are You In?

Let’s End Hunger In Our Community

An ambitious goal to raise $10 Million dollars.

This campaign will help us grow from rescuing 1 million pounds of food per year to 20 million pounds of food per year! Hunger and food waste are problems that can be solved with one solution. Food rescue. This effort plays a vital role in fighting hunger while improving sustainability and resource stewardship.

What if we can be the first community to set an example in this field? What if we could get all food businesses to donate any excess food or even purposely make a little extra for their hungry neighbors? What if the non-food service businesses joined in this effort by sponsoring and volunteering their time? That is the vision we are chasing. Are you in?

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Cultivate’s proposed 21,000 sq. ft. community freezer and distribution center.

More space to serve

10X increase in space–21,000 square foot community freezer, increasing our food pallet positions from 200 to 2,036 pallets.

Less wasted food

133 billion pounds of food are wasted each year in the US. Not in our community and not on our watch.

More sustainable

We can reduce the environmental impact of food waste in our community by the equivalent of 4,040 passenger cars driven for an entire year, 2.15 million gallons of gasoline, and 2.4 billion cell phone charges!

Efficient operations

Rescuing more perishable food lowers per meal operating cost. That means more food rescued and served more efficiently.

Logistics solved

Food insecurity is very much a logistics problem that can be solved with infrastructure and planning. This facility is the next step.

Real community impact

We could supply every child (43,847) on free or reduced lunch in our community with two meals per day which improves education, health, and overall life trajectory.