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Transform how you see food.

Cultivate’s backpack program provides hope to
food-insecure children in our community.

Sponsor a child for just $37.50 a month!


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Our Mission

Through strategic partnerships, Cultivate Food Rescue will be a leader in perishable food rescue, procurement, redistribution, and education in order to meet the nutritional needs of communities.

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Our Vision

No Neighbor Hungry – No Food Wasted

Defining Food Rescue

Our partnership with Notre Dame and other local food suppliers provides a great opportunity to feed members of our community who are food-insecure. Our food rescue program fills the gap between potentially wasted food and the people and organizations that need food the most.

Volunteer With Us

Perfect for groups! Bring your team and help package several hundred meals in just a few hours. Learn more here:

Cultivate Food Rescue Receives the
Distinguished Community Service Award

We were humbled to receive the Distinguished Community Service Award from the South Bend Alumni Association.

SBAA Executive Director Susie Brennan, Cultivate Food Rescue Co-Founders Jim Conklin and Randy Z, and SBAA Board of Trustees Chairman Tim Baker


“I’ve had children, and now families, thank me (like I did something) for the food for the weekend. One mom was crying so she was happy. I had a little girl in second grade proudly take two bags home with her (we had extra) and she was so happy to be able to provide food for her family.”

Quote from a teacher at one of the schools.

“I’m not sure what I’d be doing for food if I wasn’t getting these meals. I don’t have transportation, and with my Diabetes and leg issues I can’t get to the bus, so it’s been a real life saver. And, they’re actually good! You don’t find that much, good frozen meals. And you really get a good-sized portion too.”

Air Force Veteran 1979-1986

“We have been able to give our pantry guests so many things we would not have been able to do without the help of Cultivate. Items like milk, bread, boxes with fresh fruits & vegetables, and proteins were delivered to us to distribute to our pantry guests.  Thanks to our friends at Cultivate our pantry has been able to serve many more food insecure families in our community!”

Sue Zumbrun (Clay Church Food Pantry)

Plymouth Community Schools has a student that comes from a very large family. Each week his parents work hard to provide basic necessities. Before Cultivate, this student ate a small dinner that might consist of canned soup and a granola bar and some evenings even skipping meals when money was extra tight. Once this student began receiving CULTIVATE meals each week they couldn’t wait to unzip and see what meals they had in their Cultivate backpack! Without these meals, this student would miss out on the basic necessities such as protein, fruits, and vegetables.

See Cultivate on the Rachael Ray Show!

Did you ever dream that your neighborhood food rescue charity would be on national television? We didn’t either! We’re so grateful for partners like our friend Natalie Bickel with Elkhart Community Schools, who connected us with the Rachael Ray Show and went to New York to film it with our own Randy Z, co-founder and general manager. 

Cultivate Culinary was featured on Elkhart County’s “In the Spotlight” podcast.

Listen to hear co-founder Jim Conklin discuss how we partner with other Not-For-Profits to feed food insecure children – also featuring Mark Mikel from Family Christian Development Center and Darlene Anderson from the Elkhart Chamber Leadership Academy Team.