Our Mission

Cultivate rescued 1,037,240 pounds of food throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, delivered 240,081 meals, and had a 439% growth increase in distributed food from previous years. These are phenomenal numbers that measure our impact in the past. Throughout 2021, we want to highlight the ways Cultivate transforms the communities around us. We transform wasted food into brand new meals that will fuel tomorrow. We transform hungry stomachs into hungry minds, ready for knowledge. Through your contributions to our goals, we can transform food insecurity in our communities into well-fed bodies and minds!

As each child moves through the board, they will be representing the amount of money Cultivate has raised throughout this campaign. There are 10 children that need to make it home to the end of the board. Each space on the board is worth $1,000 and there 42 spaces. Sponsoring a backpack, rescuing 50 lbs of food, and filling pantry shelves with your donations all advance the children through the board.

Order of Events

6:00-6:30pm Registration, Mingling, Grazing
6:30-6:40pm Welcome, Fundraising Introduction, Sponsor
7:00-7:05pm Student Testimonials, Fundraising Update
7:30-7:40pm Deb Martin Testimonial, Final Donation Push
8:15-8:30pm Final Updates, Celebration, Sponsor Thank Yous

Our Sponsors

Community Foundation / Dynamic

Healy Group / Miller Insurance

Poor Handmainds / RSM

R Yoder / Spartan


Each at home = $42,000
Each = $1,000
Total Raised: $42,000
Goal 420,000