Eby’s Meat Market donates 1,000 lbs. of meat to feed those in need

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -A butcher shop in South Bend is showing us what’s good today by donating more than 1,000 pounds of meat to Cultivate Food Rescue.

16 News Now tells us how much of a difference this much meat can make for those who need it.

Food insecurity isn’t something that’s going away anytime soon so the owner at Eby’s Old Fashion Meat Market is teaming up with Cultivate Food Rescue to make sure his food gets to people who need it.

The season of giving may be on it’s way out but that’s not stopping the folks at Eby’s meat market to keep on giving.

When there’s one successful business or person during this whole crisis and there’s businesses or people that are struggling we all just need to come together and help each other out


Cultivate food rescue will package the meat with other foods to create meals, mostly for kids. They say all this protein will go a long way.

Youth and children, you know K-3rd grade. It’s a very crucial developmental time in their lives, so the nutrition you need to get them is really important. So, proteins are king in our business. Each meal is a protein, a starch, and a vegetable, but it is the key player here

Randy Z.

Co-Founder, Director of Operations & Executive Chef

Randy says the amount of meat they received will help make more than 1,500 meals out of Cultivate’s kitchen.

Many of these meals will go to kids through Cultivate’s backpack program.

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