What was the last thing on which you spent $35 or more? Maybe you got a new book, shoes, or take-out food? Can you even remember?

$35 isn’t much money – but, for a hungry child, it is everything. It is the difference between hunger and security. 

Your gift of $35 a month serves a practical purpose of ending a child’s hunger – and, more than that helps to restore their rightful dignity.

Cultivate Food Rescue is setting the goal to feed 400 children through our Backpack Program for the upcoming 2020 school year. Your sponsorship makes this goal possible to achieve. 

$35 dollars a month, or a one-time donation of $420 provides a full school year worth of meals for one child. $35 a month is all that it takes to change the life of a child in need. 

No one deserves to go hungry, and all people are entitled to their human dignity. Something as simple as a hot meal can give that back. 

To become a Backpack sponsor, go to www.cultivatefoodrescue.com/donate-now.